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March 28, 2008
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Lines of Old by KangaKool Lines of Old by KangaKool

So here's my next Lunaii-Dollmaker Harry Potter Family Tree!

Of course it is the Gaunts and the Potters and how they are... distantly related.


-I tried to make the Peverell Brothers very different.
1) The first one is the handsomest and the most greedy for power. He gets the Elder Wand and gets himself killed.
2) The second brother has a sad face. He is living in the past, and has the Resurrection Stone. I suppose he gets over his woman because he has kids. Maybe that was before he got the stone... ok.
3) The third brother is the noblest and receives the Invisibility Cloak. He lives life, and eventually meets Death as an old friend. I wonder what life under an invisibility cloak would be like. I could actually think of some fan fictions... lol

-You can see that Salazar Slytherin has the locket as does Merope there. Maybe I should have put it on Harry too. Haha.

-I portrayed Tom Roddle Sr. at the point where he's not only any spell or love potion, and he's looking at his wife like... "WTH???" He leaves soon after this. It's very sad.

-I tried to make Merope as sad and depressed and pitiful as possible.

-Morfin is described as having so much dirt in his messy hair that you can't tell what color his hair actually is. There was no messy hair option, but I did make it dirt colored.

-I wanted Tom Riddle to look like the nicest guy you'll ever know. Dumbledore said that none of the teachers ever suspected anything or questioned his character. I'd imagine it's because he was so charming! He of course is almost the spitting image of his papa.

That's all for now.

I made the dolls at [link]
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AURURAMOONLIGHT Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wait wait! Voldemort and Harry are cousins?! Dude!
Tomaolykos Feb 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I always envisioned Marvolo, Morfin and Merope with brown hair
granmotherpotter Dec 2, 2011  Professional General Artist
Ur Lily is beautiful, its very important to me every detail of the wizard almanac, I want Rowling to quill every pore of every wizard from Maeve to Hugo Weasley and the Scamander twins & How did the Hallows pass down pass Dumbledore its every journey to Harry?
I think it's really interesting that technically, Voldemort and Harry are distant cousins. No one ever mentions that, but it's a detail I was fascinated by since I first read the sixth or seventh (I can't remember which book it is that reveals it) book.
Marauderslover97 Dec 31, 2010  Student Writer
omg i never noticed that they are cuzins!!! :O

Doesn't that mean that Voldy and Harry Potter are VERY distant cousins...???

Disturbing food for thought. :)
They are! They both ended up with Hallows passed down the family lines, didn't they?


Which means that Riddle DID have family left... he just spent half his life trying to kill him.


Revaltions are stunning!
I hardly call 20th cousins close relatives...
You have a point. But still, it's food for thought, isn't it?

That would also mean that Harry IS related (however far away) to Salazar Slytherin.. and I've always suspected that Harry was Gryffindor's great great grandson, or something of the like.

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